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  • A draft timeline

    Happy new year! 🎉

    I had a refreshing break with lots of games, including discovering Timberborn, which is a great base builder with a novel scarcity/weather mechanic. And beavers!

    I used my first week back as an opportunity to reflect on my progress to date and where I’d like... read more

  • Improving the element simulation

    I’m happy with my progress in making user interfaces with HTML and CSS over the last week:

    A better character selection panel

    There’s a whole bunch of important functionality under the hood – such as SCSS support, scripting with Groovy, hotreloading, and image support... read more

  • User interfaces with HTML

    I’ve been working on plants (and letting them breathe, convert, absorb, and die), and it’s looking really cool. Pawns no longer have to die when they run out of oxygen haha.

    The next mechanic that I want to play around with is getting a bit more of the construction... read more

  • Prototyping and pre-production

    It’s certainly been an odd week. Last week I finished up at my previous role (and it was a really wonderful sendoff. I’m going to miss those peeps) and it’s exciting, confusing, thrilling, terrifying, relaxing having so much of my calendar and time back. So many emotions!!

    Because a big... read more

  • Going fulltime

    With the incredible support of my partner K (thank you!), it’s official. I’ve decided to take the plunge, and go fulltime on developing video games!!


    But first, a bit of history:

    I’ve been working on this game (which still doesn’t have a title, shh 😜) in the background since... read more

  • I've set up a Patreon

    To kick things off, I’ve created a Patreon! 100% of anything raised will go towards developing the video games that I want to play.

    I have zero expectations for it though, especially since I haven’t even released screenshots, videos, a playable demo, or anything…

    … well… ok!

    Here is... read more

  • Hello, world!

    It lives!

    read more