I’ve put together some quick fixes for Alpha 6 that should fix some of the most common crashes and unexpected behaviour. You can download your copy on itch.io:

We’ll also be showing off this build at Armageddon Auckland this weekend. You can find us at booths B88~B90. A huge thanks to NZGDA for helping us get to Armageddon!

Full patch notes below.

Release notes for Adaptory 0.8.1

New Features

  • Doors can now be locked by pawns, preventing pawns from getting through


  • Pawns that build solid tiles on their head are now pushed out to the nearest non-solid tile, if any
  • Idle pawns will now run to a breathable spot if their oxygen level is below 50%; non-idle pawns still work until 30%
  • Pawns can be asked to Move (M) to a tile above an accessible spot
  • Added “cannot get here” inline feedback to Move (M)


  • Increased range of non-space exposure tiles under the starting crashed ship
  • Increased pawn tile push-out speed from 0 to 0.06 sec
  • At the start of the game, pawns have 90-100% stamina, rather than 100%


  • Added additional content in selected building, item, and pawn panels so there is less UI/UX jumping around
  • Pawns and buildings can now be selected over their entire tile bounds, not just their 1x1 tile root
  • Pawn oxygen bars are now displayed if the pawn cannot absorb oxygen, rather than only when their oxygen level is low
  • Camera zoom is reset to the default when starting a new game
  • Selecting a pawn using the top bar unselects any selected building or world action buttons


  • Fixed a crash if a liquid pipe that was the source or target of a liquid packet was deconstructed
  • Fixed a crash if two raw items tried to dissolve into the same tile
  • Fixed a rare crash if a building, item, or pawn was selected
  • Fixed a memory leak that would sometimes occur when calculating fog of war
  • Fixed liquid network input/output icons not displaying on liquid pipe layer
  • Fixed pawns running out into undiscovered areas when low on oxygen