Adaptory is coming to Steam Next Fest!

Steam Next Fest is a week-long celebration of upcoming games, and more importantly, it will be the first time Adaptory will be available on Steam. The goal is to get as much feedback and as many wishlists as possible, so please do join the party. The new demo build has new features, art, sound, gameplay, and a ton of bug fixes, and I can’t wait to share our hard work.

Here’s everything that’s going to be happen over the next two weeks! (You can also stay in the loop on Discord, Mastodon, or Twitter, where I’ll be posting updates.)


If you haven’t already seen the video, there’s a brand new trailer, just for Next Fest:

Adaptory Steam Next Fest preview trailer

The Adaptory Steam page has also had an overhaul, with new text, GIFs, and screenshots. I’m in the process of getting the page translated to a number of different languages, as well. (The demo will only be available in English, but I want to make it clear the full game will be localised!)

Wednesday 31 January (PST)

Jevon is going to try her first ever dev livestream on Twitch! This is going to be a real experiment, not exactly sure how this will go 😀 I plan to start the stream at 2pm PST.

On stream, I’ll probably be tweaking art, adding content, fixing bugs, or maybe just hanging out with chat. Come hang out and I might add your ideas to the game, too. It’s been a long time since I last streamed 😅

Thursday 1 February

Adaptory’s Demo will be released on Steam, and anyone can download a copy and play it for free! 🥳

The version we’ll be releasing next week has new systems, content, and heaps of bug fixes. There are no limitations in this demo; you can play for as long as you want, but this version will only be released on Steam.

Hopefully there won’t be any major issues once the game goes live, but I’ve got automated tests, builds, and release processes set up, so it should be easy to make last-minute changes!

Monday 5 February (PST)

Steam Next Fest launches at 10am PST. For Algorithm Reasons™, it would be really helpful if you’re able to download and play a copy of the demo on this day – the more downloads and plays, the more likely the game will be featured across Steam 😊

We will also be livestreaming the game later that day at 10am PST. This stream is going to be featured across all of Steam! I’ll be playing the game with special guest and friend ThisIsRubyOK, showing off some of the new systems, and answering questions. Come join in and say hi!!

Wednesday 7 February (PST)

We’ll also be doing another livestream this day, at 5pm CEST, with another special guest. This stream is also going to be featured across all of Steam – so come on in and say hi again!

Monday 12 February (PST)

Steam Next Fest ends at 10am PST. I’m planning to keep the Steam Demo live after this date, but I might need to turn it off if something unexpected occurs. We’ll then have a bit of a breather, review all of the feedback, and maybe make an announcement of the Early Access release date?!

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who has played any version of Adaptory over the last two years, provided feedback, bug reports, and support – especially everyone in the Adaptory discord and friends from NZGDA. The game feels really polished compared to a year ago and I am nervous and excited to share it with the world 😊