The Steam Next Fest demo for Adaptory is LIVE!! 🥳 You can download your free copy of the game on Steam:

Full patch notes are listed below.

This version has been heavily tested but there may still be bugs, crashes, and unexpected behaviour. Please continue sending through bug reports, feedback, and ideas as we’ll be working on polish and tweaks over the next week. A huge, huge thanks to everyone who has played an early build 🥰

As mentioned in the Steam Next Fest plan, the plan is to keep this demo up beyond the festival, but I might need to turn it off if something unexpected occurs. So download a copy today, and please let us know what you think!


In the demo, your explorers can now express themselves! They’ll make adorable noises when sleeping, digging, carrying, building, having conversations, or any other number of actions.

Adorable gibberish

Overlay selection bar

Adaptory is a complex game with multiple simulations all working together to create emergent gameplay. To see what’s going on, you can use overlays to show different views of your base, such as the new breathability overlay in the game:

The new breathability overlay

The selection bar also shows some of the systems and layers that will be coming in future releases.

Revamped power systems

All powered buildings have been improved. Batteries last longer, lights use less power, and stored power is now measured in Wd (Watt-days). I’ve also fixed it so you can’t get infinite power from a light. 😉

Power storage is now measured in Watt-hours (Wh)

Oxygen generator

As mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve added the oxygen generator, which turns liquid water into oxygen and hydrogen, using electricity. This gives you another way to create oxygen for your team, although it requires a bit of setup and infrastructure to get going.

The new oxygen generator building

Polish, tweaks and fixes

There’s also dozens of bug fixes, tweaks, balance, simulation, and performance improvements since the last release, making the game feel and play better. These include:

  • Particle effects and sounds, including splashes, thuds, crashes and puffs
  • Loads of new building sounds and sound effects
  • New materials hydrogen (gas), liquid hydrogen, and solid hydrogen
  • Another music track by the incredible Sai
  • A “follow” button to keep your camera focused on an explorer
  • The target simulation rate has been increased to 24 updates per second (UPS)
  • The game now starts in fullscreen mode by default, and remembers which monitor it was last on

Full patch notes below.

Release notes for Adaptory 0.10 (Steam Next Fest)

New features

  • Liquids and gases now render in front of buildings, explorers and items
  • Particle effects! Added splash, thud, crash, dissolve, puff, spurt particles and sounds
  • New building: Oxygen generator!
    • Requires 100 W power and 2.5 kg/sec water (piped in) to generate oxygen and hydrogen
    • Conversion rate depends on the buildings’ power level
  • Added “follow” button to explorers to keep the camera laser focused on them
  • Added breathability layer through F1
  • Added overlay selection bar at top right
  • Explorers’ names are now rendered in-game – you can turn this off in Options
  • Explorers now have voices!
  • Added another music track by Sai Natarajan


  • Added the new elements hydrogen (gas), liquid hydrogen, and solid hydrogen
  • Fixed the element simulation performing absorption and emission running 3x too slow
  • Increased target simulation rate from 20 to 24 UPS, decreased element simulation target from 6.67 to 6 UPS
  • Increased number of ticks per game day from 7200 to 8640
  • Tweaked explorer behaviour to not obsess over supplying a coal generator


  • Tweaked explorer breathing intake/output/conversion parameters
  • Changed breathing oxygen-to-carbon dioxide conversion ratio from 25% to 33%
  • Increased coal generator power generation from 100 W to 500 W
  • Increased solar power generation from 25 W to 100 W
  • Increased light consumption from 10 W to 25 W
  • Increased transmitter power consumption from 25 W to 200 W
  • Power networks now display storage in Wd (Watt-days) rather than W
  • Daylight now peaks at 20k lux and solar panels now require up to 10k lux
  • Increased number of oxygen candles generated in a new world
  • Reduced sadness debuff on movement speed from 20% to 10%
  • Reduced mood debuff on explorer death from 50% to 40%
  • Increased coal generator maximum supply from 100kg coal to 500kg


  • Remove some unnecessary render layers, improving rendering performance
  • Improved user interface rendering performance
  • Improved rendered quality of user interface background images
  • Updated various building, explorer, and world sounds
  • Moving liquid packets’ size are now proportional to the mass moving in that packet
  • Liquid pipes layer now displays non-moving mass in pipes as well as moving packets
  • Assets are no longer stored compressed, which may improve startup and load times, at the expense of slightly more disk space usage
  • Added keyboard shortcut shift-F11 to toggle visibility of all user interfaces, when debug info is also visible (F8) - locked behind two keyboard shortcuts to prevent accidental toggling
  • Added direct link to feedback form in game menu
  • The game now starts up in windowed fullscreen mode by default
  • The game will now remember which monitor it was last used on, and start up on that screen
  • Moved attribution and logos into the loading assets screen
  • Sounds that occur outside of the visible area (i.e. behind fog-of-war) are no longer played


  • Fixed explorers sometimes being generated with both “hates digging” and “loves digging” traits
  • Fixed a rare crash when starting a new game or loading a save file
  • Fixed a rare crash when liquid pipes were trying to merge liquid packets
  • Fixed liquid mass packets sometimes being transferred unevenly from source buildings
  • Fixed a bug where Windowed Fullscreen from startup would sometimes be offscreen
  • Fixed simulation not working correctly across world x=63
  • Fixed the game flashing magenta at startup
  • Fixed looping sounds (sleeping, digging etc) still playing when starting a new game
  • Fixed a rare crash when trying to calculate FPS data
  • Fixed layers not rendering correctly if the world changes while the game is paused
  • Fixed a built light not having the same rendered dimensions as its blueprint
  • Fixed a crash on Windows Alt-Tab if the game was full-screen
  • Fixed links being rendered across multiple lines in a dialog not being clickable
  • Fixed lasers and conversation bubbles sometimes being fixed to an edge of the screen