We’re hard at work getting Alpha 7 ready, which will be released on 15 December.

Save/load game

A long requested feature… you can now save and load games! And autosave is supported, too – by default there are four autosave slots and autosaves are triggered every 10 minutes.

You can now save and load your game

Thanks to the internal data model, autosaving is done async, without needing to freeze the UI. Hopefully losing your base to a crash should be in the past, however serialization/deserialization is tricky so I am expecting bugs. If you find issues with your save files please do send them through.

FMOD integration

I’m very excited to share that Mika Cornelius has joined the Adaptory team and they will be helping with sound design! Mika has most recently worked on the sound design for Black Salt Games’ internationally acclaimed fishing/horror video game Dredge.

FMOD integration seems to be working well and it’s so much more powerful than what I’d written before. FMOD supports all sorts of filters, parameters, triggers and buses. I don’t know of any other Java project that uses FMOD, so we might be the first! (EDIT: Wildermyth uses FMOD too!)

Getting third-party libraries (DLLs, SOs and DYLIBs) working well with Java, Steam, and Mac Gatekeeper has been a real learning experience but super interesting! Performance has not been an issue at all – the hardest part has been signing everything correctly.

Steam integration

I’ve also started work on getting the game onto Steam. The game is automatically being built by CI and uploaded for x64 Windows and Mac, and so far it seems to be working well. Make sure to wishlist the game to get a copy when it releases next year!

Wishlist on Steam

The Steam integration will also include Steam Cloud to save your games across platforms, and eventually there will be Steam Achievements and Steam Workshop support, too.

Colors of Indie

Finally, Adaptory is also a nominee in the 2023 Colors of Indie awards, which celebrates indie games being made by diverse teams around the world. Winner will be announced on 30 November!

Lots happening! I’m really excited to get Alpha 7 in your hands, I feel like the game is levelling up.