Over the last week I’ve been introducing random world events to Adaptory. As you play through the game, your base and team will be challenged with random events, starting with:

  • Solar flares, which shut down all of your electrical buildings for a time; and
  • Meteors, which crash down from space and make a mess with their contents all over your base.
WIP random world events in Adaptory

The intensity and frequency of the events will increase based on your progress through the game. At the moment it’s based on the number of tiles that you’ve dug up, and the number of artifacts you’ve uncovered:

Ravi has uncovered an artifact while digging

I’ve also tried triggering events based on the passage of time, but it seemed to make the gameplay a bit too intense. The intensity and frequency of the challenges will also be configurable by difficulty level.

This is still very much a work in progress, I’m going to keep on iterating over it until it feels right! I’ve taken inspiration from three of my favourite games: Dwarf Fortress (digging deep down until you find fun), Factorio (difficulty increasing from player progress), and Rimworld (the “AI storyteller”).