Alpha 3 is fast approaching, make sure you sign up to the mailing list to get notified! Over the last two weeks I have been focusing on improving the gameplay by adding two major new features: pawn happiness, and beds.


Pawns now have a happiness meter which will go up and down based on what they’re experiencing, and later this year we’re going to use pawn happiness to trigger different types of diary entries.

To start off, pawns will work faster when they’re happy, and slower when they’re particularly sad; they’ll also express their emotions using their cute faces.

Pawns now have mood and a happiness meter

I’ve also added a little help popup to show you all of the active effects that are modifying pawn happiness, stamina, and working speed.


There is also a new building: beds! When they are getting tired (around 20% stamina), pawns will seek out an unclaimed bed, tuck themselves in, and sleep there – instead of collapsing on the floor. While they’re in bed they’ll get a mood buff, and recover their stamina much faster.

Pawns now prefer sleeping in beds when they're tired

New art

You may have also noticed that Care has been making more amazing art for Adaptory! I’m gradually updating all of the building art with this gorgeous new style, and hoping to get them all in the game before Alpha 3. The game is looking so good!!

New coal generator art and animations