Back at the start of last year, my plan was to release the first Early Access (EA) version of Adaptory towards the end of this year. While I could release Adaptory before the end of this year, my understanding of the Steam Algorithm™ is that your EA release should be as good and polished as possible, so the game can get lots of hype and positive reviews to climb the discovery queue.

Therefore I’ve made the decision to release EA in the first half of 2024, and to not go ahead with a Kickstarter campaign. Our recent grants from NZFC and CODE has made these decisions possible, and we’re going to release a much better game as a result!

The specific month is still TBA, but the plan through to EA includes:

Date Milestone
Jul 2023 Liquid networks (these are almost done and they look so good!)
Aug 2023 Adaptory will hopefully be part of the Kiwi Interactive Showcase!
Sep 2023 Gas networks, pawn priorities, and the first tutorial
Oct 2023 Adaptory will be presented at PAX AU in Melbourne!
Nov 2023 Refinement and storage buildings
EA release in 2024 Plants and food production
Backstory and diary entries
Soundtrack and sound design
Steam Next Fest
A lot of UI cleanup and polish

This also means there will be at least two more alpha releases on before Adaptory is launched on Steam, so there’ll be more free content to play too 😀

There will be no rest after the launch of EA, and more content will follow. Community testing and feedback is going to be essential to make this the best base-building/simulation game that it can be, and I’d like to hear what features are missing, and what areas you think I should prioritise. The first EA updates are planned to have these features:

  • Heating and refrigeration
  • Research
  • Building damage and repair
  • Automation

Adaptory is turning into a really fantastic game, so thank you for being part of this journey!