I’ve finished most of the new liquid and gas shaders and they feel a lot nicer. Here’s a video comparing the before and after:

Comparison of old and new gas shaders in Adaptory, I'm also slowly getting better at video editing 😅

I’ll be using these new beautiful graphics to update the Steam page for Alpha 3, which I think will help with wishlists a lot!

Over the weekend I also quickly put together a brand new mechanic. One of the issues with Alpha 2 is that it’s not clear where buildings need to be connected in order to be powered:

Powered buildings in Adaptory, power layer turned off

Now when you start to build wires – or use the keyboard shortcut F4 – you’ll be switched to the power layer which shows all of the connection points for all the buildings, and whether they’re powered:

Powered buildings in Adaptory, power layer turned on

The graphics are inspired by both Rimworld’s and Oxygen Not Included’s approaches, which I both really like! And yes, I’m intentionally using the iconography of Australia/New Zealand power sockets because I think they’re great 😅