I’ve been such a busy little beaver this month! One of the two major branches I’ve been working on is now complete… pawns now have hair styles, thanks to @careously!

Pawns have one of 32 different hair styles

You’ll see the pawns’ hair at the start of the game, and also when they’re not assigned to a specific job. At the moment, the hair style (along with pants and shirts) is assigned randomly, based on their gender (m/f/x).

In this update, I’ve also added little progress bars to pawns digging and building. This was such a simple feature, but it’s added so much depth. Pawns can now also be interrupted – for example, if while they’re building, someone removes the tile under them – but their progress is not lost.

Building and digging progress bars (ignore the T-poses)

I’ve also accepted it’s not going to be possible to get the early alpha out this month… it’s so close, but I want the game to be somewhat playable, with at least 15 minutes of gameplay.

Based on the 12 epics remaining, you can expect the first alpha to be released in October! As an early alpha/demo, it will be free and available to everyone, and I’d love to read your feedback.

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