Very excited to announce that the game now has a name!!


Initial capsule art

Adaptory is a riff on a couple of themes that form the core of the gameplay:

  • adapt, because you will be challenged to adapt and thrive to a deep and changing world;
  • story, because I’m hoping that the game will help you to create your own stories; and
  • factory, because deep down, I love base-building games that include setting up production industries and automation (like Factorio).

📆 Release schedule

The game will be released in 2023, first through as an early alpha, then Kickstarter, and then on Steam Early Access with regular updates through to the final release.

Lots of work to get done before then, though! The art style is still very work in progress, and the gameplay is missing major systems, so you can expect the logos and art style to evolve.

💻 A new website

I’ve also set up, where you can learn everything about the game:

There are also fancy new social media spaces to join, too.

Finally, thanks for staying in the loop! It’s really cool seeing this game come to life, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you soon.