Adaptory Alpha 1 is now live and free to play!! 🥳 You can download a copy on, or by using the embedded link below:

This is a first alpha that anyone can download and play for free. It’s got about 15 minutes of gameplay – it’s mostly showing off the core systems and gameplay mechanics.

If you get a chance to play it, I’d love to know what you think! I’m particularly looking for bugs, crashes, or anything that doesn’t make sense.

This is the first release of many – next up I want to add a few more systems, like food production and electricity. I’ll also be working on the pawn diary entry system with Cass and making it more visible.

As part of the release I’ve also updated, put together a relatively spoiler-free roadmap, and added lots of new assets and screenshots. I’ve also started listing the game on Steam but wow there’s a lot of work involved in that 😅