I’ve been adding lots of cool new things to Adaptory as we ramp up to the alpha release! 😊

For the alpha release, there will be a simple goal; you need to send a distress signal using your transmitter. In order to do that, you’ll need to collect the brand new resource transmitite and supply it to your transmitter.

Your pawns will automatically deliver dug-up resources to your transmitter

There are now doors as well. When closed, doors are impervious to gas and liquids. You can place them as blueprints in the game world, like tiles and ladders, so your pawns can build them.

Pawns can open doors and they automatically close after a time

I’ve also revisited world generation. When starting the game, you no longer spawn in the middle of an unknown planet; you’ve crashed landed on the surface, surrounded by the vacuum of space!

How are you going to get out of here?

Other bits and pieces

I’m really enjoying this side of gamedev. I’ve been working very hard on the engine and mechanics, and now everything is coming together nicely. Along the way I’ve also been working on:

  • There is now a real day-night cycle. Over the course of a day, light levels increase and decrease.

  • You can now build lights, that will emit radiant light in all directions. You might need these to survive. In the future, these will require electricity to run.

  • Lots of work on the user interfaces, cleaning up and adding tooltips.

We’re very close to the first alpha release – there’s not too much left to do. The alpha gameplay is going to be quite short, but I’m hoping it will be fun, and show off some of the cool mechanics in the game!