Over the last three weeks, I’ve been mostly focusing on getting Adaptory working on Mac OS. The engine I’m using natively supports Mac, however I found out that its OpenGL support is much stricter.

Which meant I had to rewrite the graphics code. That was three weeks of work I wasn’t expecting!

But – Adaptory now plays on Mac OS! The game is unoptimised and the builds are unsigned, but it’s a start.

First Mac OS build of Adaptory (on High Sierra)

I also attended NZGDC 2022 last week, a gamedev conference here in New Zealand, and it was incredible. I loved meeting everyone and the talks and the ideas and everything. ❤️ I had a lot of feelings from the event, that I’m still processing – such as the realities of, and tension between, creating art and being commercially successful – but the community was immediately welcoming. 😊