Over the last week, I’ve been improving how to give orders and errands to your pawns. While they’ll normally be autonomous, sometimes you might need to help them get out of a hole. Which they may have dug themselves into.

So, I’ve added a “move to…” command:

Giving pawns move commands

You can also now cycle through all of the things present on a tile. Each selection dialog shows you more information, such as what the thing is made out of, what it’s doing, and why:

You can cycle through the items, elements and pawns in the world

And finally, I’ve spent some time making the pawns a bit smarter. Before, they were just doing errands somewhat randomly – they would select the nearest errand, but they wouldn’t care if there was somebody closer who could do it.

Now pawns will work together to complete the errands closer to them:

Pawns are a bit smarter in choosing nearby errands

These are all necessary user interface things for any base-builder/survival game, and I’ll be expanding on these mechanics in the future as more features and gameplay is added! 😊