I’ve spent most of the last week on budgeting and applications, but in between the spreadsheets and the writing, I’ve been working on a framework for creating in-game events. I’m planning to use this to help deliver the story and setting for the game world, to create tutorials, and so on.

At the same time, I’ve also been revisiting the sound engine. I’m adapting gdx-sfx that provides 3D spatial sounds. When you zoom in, nearby sounds get louder, and when you move the camera, far-away sounds get quieter:

The volume of playing sounds changes based on zoom and location

In the future I’d love to extend this to add some sort of reverb and/or attenuation, which I’m expecting will make the game sound more real and alive. This doesn’t come built-in to any part of the engine, so it will be a fun little side project 😀