For the last week, the most interesting things I’ve been working on have been the pawns – your friends that have found themselves in this awkward base-building situation, and with your help they will survive, build and thrive.

Previously if a pawn was running low on oxygen, it wasn’t very obvious; they’d become sad, and eventually run to somewhere that did have oxygen, but that was it.

Now pawns will show you that they’re running out of oxygen with a helpful bubble:

Thought bubbles appear when a pawn has an important thought

It’s pretty easy to add more thought bubbles in the future, so I’ll also be using this to show you when the pawn is confused, tired, or feeling some other important emotions. Speaking of which…

The next thing I’m working on is that pawns eventually need sleep. They have a stamina % and when that stamina bar hits 0%, they’ll pass out until they’ve recovered.

Then I’ll be adding a “bed” building that you can build, and then I’ll need some way to allow you to instruct your pawns to go to sleep at regular cycles. Because passing out onto the floor isn’t very glamorous. And yes, if your pawn passes out somewhere with no air, they might suffocate!