With the incredible support of my partner K (thank you!), it’s official. I’ve decided to take the plunge, and go fulltime on developing video games!!


But first, a bit of history:

I’ve been working on this game (which still doesn’t have a title, shh 😜) in the background since Feb 2021. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to make a game, and my commit history is littered with experiments, such as:

  • rcd, a text-based multiplayer dungeon crawler made in a weekend
  • hacktrain, an attempt at creating a 3D train network game using JMonkeyEngine
  • ResourceGame, a resource management game that was mostly a bunch of Unreal Engine experiments pasted together
  • rrw, a multiplayer Ruby on Rails RPG world thing
  • rmagic, a very basic implementation of Magic: the Gathering in Ruby on Rails (yes, that one was a stretch lol)
  • and plenty more… seriously… the list is endless. Apparently I’ve been making games for longer than I can remember!?

But the game that I’m working on right now is the first time I’ve had the buzz of not only creating a game world, but seeing the game come alive. I want to see what happens next!

And seemingly without warning (thanks mostly to savings, hard work, and some very fortuitous investments. I am so incredibly lucky and privileged), today I have the opportunity to answer a question I’d never considered before:

I have the opportunity, the skills, the experience, and the support. Should I finally try taking this videogame stuff seriously?

I’ve decided that yes. Now is the time!

Life is not a dress rehearsal, and I think Covid has reminded us all of what’s actually important.