To kick things off, I’ve created a Patreon! 100% of anything raised will go towards developing the video games that I want to play.

I have zero expectations for it though, especially since I haven’t even released screenshots, videos, a playable demo, or anything…

… well… ok!

Here is a very, very early screenshot showing some of the temporary programmer art in place. Right now I am focusing on prototyping and refining the gameplay loop, and building out the capabilities of the engine.

A very early screenshot

(The character art is based on concept art by the incredibly talented deadisoption <3)

As you can see here I’ve implemented some basic element simulations, animation, commands, tiles, temperature, and right now I’m exploring adding lighting to the world.

There’s still a ton of ideas and experimentation I have to do before I’d feel progressing the game to preproduction phase, though.

And no; the game doesn’t have a name yet 😅 but I do have a few ideas floating around…